“Other Meals” line is on promotion!

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The “Other Meals” line is designed to meet the needs of those, with limited time, want a quick meal, without abandoning the authentic flavors and the desire to eat healthy: a touch lighter according to the frenetic pace of society.

That products don’t contain ingredients to acidify, to condense or to stabilize because they benefit from the sterilization treatment, variable from 110 to 121 degrees, which completely eliminates the bacterial load, thereby ensuring maximum food safety. The “Other Meals” line, packed in glass jars of 200 grams for a good conservation, is therefore a tribute to the taste that is realized in full compliance with the naturalness and freshness of the best ingredients.

From 11/01 to 21/01 all products in the category “Other Meals” are discounted of 15%. Let’s shop!

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