The perfect “Mariage”

Everybody knows that enjoying a wine with the proper food is the right way to enhance its properties. Ursini, in fact, puts together his Pestatos with the fragrance of the most popular wines: here is the range “Pestati di Bacco”, a perfectly organized group work gathering Ursini’s...

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The 4 secrets of specialities

As for oil, Ursini is the custodian of secrets of excellence for specialities in oil.

  • Raw materials which are only the freshest are carefully selected and worked on the day, excluding the use of semi‐finished goods or frozen or pickled products.
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The 4 secrets of great oil

Oli Ursini

The factors which make Ursini extra virgin are few but defining.

  • The raw material, formed solely of whole olives
    which are manually harvested in the ideal moment of maturity, to then be ground instantly on the day of harvesting.
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