The perfect “Mariage”

Everybody knows that enjoying a wine with the proper food is the right way to enhance its properties. Ursini, in fact, puts together his Pestatos with the fragrance of the most popular wines: here is the range “Pestati di Bacco”, a perfectly organized group work gathering Ursini’s...

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Where we are

Ursini is in Fossacesia in the heart of Abruzzo, the green region of Europe in which there are three national parks and the enchanting Costa dei Trabocchi.

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Awards and Certifications

Premi e certificazioni

An exclusively Italian phenomenon is to present the awards. The company Ursini has participated few times but every time it did, it always presented the type of oil actually corresponding to that sold in the distribution channels.

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The kitchen

Ursini stands out from other companies starting from its home: no old-school factory and no industrial area, but an ancient site dedicated to the activity of the olive-press and a new and welcoming small-brick structure measuring over 1,400 square metres surrounded by olive groves.

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The 4 secrets of specialities

As for oil, Ursini is the custodian of secrets of excellence for specialities in oil.

  • Raw materials which are only the freshest are carefully selected and worked on the day, excluding the use of semi‐finished goods or frozen or pickled products.
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Unici Group

Seven friends, all of whom are producers and ‘interpreters’ of the most virtuous Italian gastronomy businesses, are combining their individual talents and working together in order to achieve some ambitious goals: excellence in product quality and originality of image.

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