Mediterranean scents and unique flavours for an exultation of the sense of taste

Let yourselves surprise by the citrus skills 

Our land, enchanting coast of Abruzzo praised by poets such as D’Annunzio and known as “Costa dei Trabocchi”, has since always its traditions connected to Oranges, fruits that shine in our gardens and that we used to call in dialect “purt’hall”. Oranges have become protagonists of home‐made citrus oil, produced in small quantities therefore precious. It is characterised by a really complex and laborious production process but also by a persistent fruity scent in perfect balance with the olives spirit. The same is worth also for lemons and tangerines. An excellence to do not loose, of which Ursini is proud to serve it to your table.

A family rich of personality

With a spontaneous aptitude for satisfying each palate with the richness of tradition, Ursini has realised a family of Citrus oils with rich skills: from the classic Orange olive oil to Lemon, passing through Tangerine to the surprising Lemon and Herbs Olive oil. Flavours and tastes which have the appeal of the Costa dei Trabocchi gardens and which born in world exclusive in 1987 thanks to the Ursini eureka, bringing them on the market. Not only fot their freshness, flavours and a winning combination between sweetness and bitterness, the citrus oils are sensational for their rich and brilliant colour which reminds the genuineness of the citrus fruits from which these extraordinary products come from.

Portrait of a masterpiece of fragrance

Ursini citrus oils are inimitable specialities which are not even remotely comparable to any aromatised oil or vinaigrette. Olives are harvested by hand using the stripping method and citrus fruits carefully selected. Both are selected by level of maturation and variety. Then, they are contemporarily pressed in the olive‐press to obtain a paste to extracte at low temperatures with patience and dedication. That is the reason why the time of production is longer and batches are limited. This product is rare and prestigious.

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