What is the citrus flavoured olive oil?

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Oli agrumati

The classical orange flavoured olive oil is an expression of the most ancient food tradition belonging to Trabocchi Coast (Abruzzo), an area very famous in the past and described by the poet Gabriele d’Annunzio for its charming citrus orchards and olive trees along the coast. Recipes have been passed from parents to sons for generations. The citrus fruits flavoured olive oils has always been produced in low quantity, enough for the family and friends, because they are the result of a long and expensive process.

Both the citruses and the olives are biologically grown and selected by ripeness and variety and crushed at the same time in the oil mill. The paste we obtain is extracted with chill, slowly and softly, without stress. This process is very longer and less prolific than normal ones: that’s why a real and true citrus flavoured olive oil is rare and precious. The fruity scent, with a persistent bouquet of olives and oranges, makes the classic citrus flavoured olive oil an inimitable product, not comparable with any other scenting olive oils or amateurish’vinaigrettes. Since it’s a delicate and balanced olive oil, it has to be conserved in dark bottles, as commonly done for real homemade olive oils.

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