What’s a spice flavoured olive oil?

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oli speziati Ursini

The world of flavoured olive oils is not always the right place for a serious olive oil producer. Too many times mid-quality or nearly expired extra virgin olive oils are used for these products, flavoured with aromatic herbs or even worst with artificial fragrances. These are unfair methods, completed by prices too high for the real value of the product. Serious olive oil producers always fear their reputation… stumbles on this unclear branch, if they begin producing flavoured olive oils.

Ursini loves challenges and accepted the risk, by introducing spice-flavoured oils, produced with a similar method to citrus-flavoured ones: olives are therefore pressed in mill together with the spices. In November and in December we crush, together with the olives, basils, chilli pepper, red garlic and a mix of rosemary, sage and parsley. The spice-flavoured olive oil coming out from this processing can’t but be a high quality product. Verba volant, scripta manent!

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