Much more than marinated vegetables, real emotions to taste, coming from the highest gastronomic mastery






Artisanal Delicacies, more than just marinated vegetables

Each Ursini Delicacy is a sort of enchanting fairy tale, where the protagonists are the delights of our land, the creative research of our Chefs and the knowledge of who only uses safe and reliable production techniques. Artisan products of out of reach goodness and with great personality, entirelly natural and conceived to be absolute protagonists even as a main course. Our specialities enhance the fragrance of fresh seasonal vegetables, without using semifinished or in brine products, offering a taste of our land which is always carefully balanced.

The Oil, a supreme excellence

The extraordinary purity of extra virgin olive oil is a heritage which since always has been used for the food preservation. That is the reason why we only use our “Terre dell’Abbazia” for our delicacies, an EVOO perfectly balanced which makes Ursini creations flawless pleasures. The extra virgin olive oil, thanks to its perfect balanced flavour, is without doubt the natural preservative most suitable for marinated vegetables, as our Master oil producer said.

The secret is not having secrets

Each Ursini delicacy is prepared with dedication by expert and passionate hands: we start short-cooking vegetables in a balaced mixture of water, vinegar and white wine and then immersing them into our high quality extra virgin oil once dried. The result is a delicacy without equals, thanks to avantgarde production techniques and preservation in glass jars, to prevent the typic deterioration of the common transformation processes, without stabilisers and preservatives. The pasteurization allowes to the products to have a 24-month or 30-month shelf-life for the Confit-type.

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