Great oils, Great delight

The perfect balance between experience and innovation 

Ursini oils express unique qualities such as the delicate scent, the soft taste and the velvety texture. Unique products, connected to both know-how and the typical Ursini olive mill avantgarde. In fact, the latest generation technologies allow to keep better the authentic flavours. The Ursini Master oil imposes to separate the different olives cultivars already on the harvest field to create extraordinary monocultivar  and refined blends oils of various types.

Specialities as much as uniqueness

The Ursini extra virgin oil family is a family where each element has its accurate, unique and personal dimension. “Tandem” and “Opera Mastra” EVOOs are the diamond point of the oil production thanks to their limited production. The “Solos” EVOOs have an original taste and we consider them a tribute to our local olives varieties thanks to the accurate milling of the single cultivar. “Tandem” EVOO is the result of the desire to create an entirely higher oil, using blends carefully personalised for restaurateur. The high quality is a rule for any type of oil consumption too, such as our “Opera Mastra” whose name already promises the excellence !

The key ingredients: intuition,passion and sense

Our mission is to create a higher extra virgin olive oil. Ursini extra virgin olive oil is the expression of the Master oil pride and dedication who has made the excellence his distinctive characteristic. Passion, experience and dedication are the base for an excellent product, which is able to enhance the quality of the most ancient and noble fruit of our land. Olives come from the expert hands of the farmers that we know since years.

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