Surrender yourself to the round taste of pleasure is the most natural of temptations

The excellence of our olives

Ursini’s extra virgin olive oil is always the heart of the entire production, we cannot help emphasizing the fact that olives are the extraordinary starting point of the entire process. Thanks to the carefully selection of the most prestigious olive’s varieties, in collaboration with the best national producers, it is possible to continuously guarantee the highest quality and genuineness of the olives.

Irresistible, creative and always tasty

Ursini’s olives production is a line created in order to offer only the best olive’s varieties. Ursini’s family considers quality more important than quantity, few varieties but certainly the most worthy for their characteristics and quality. Whether in evoo or in brine, these tasty specialities are absolutely irresistible as aperitif, appetising starters or to enrich first courses or savoury second courses.

A climax in taste

The relation between Ursini and the generosity of the land is an indissoluble value, which guides us to choose only and exclusively top quality olives. A continuous and passionate research of taste and excellence that only carefully selected cultivar can offer.

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