Before being a company, Ursini is a family, a group of lovers of the olive tree and its fruits with a destiny already written in the nickname Putì which in dialect means "olive pruner". Already in the 19th century the members of this family were considered expert masters and were among the most requested by landowners for advice on the care of olive trees. Today this knowledge has been enriched and expanded in different forms of oil production, benefiting from the creativity and innovation inherent in the DNA of the Ursini: the incomparable extra virgin in all its expressions, but also many specialties with new and surprising flavors albeit linked to tradition and with the common denominator of extra virgin olive oil. An offer of absolute quality that does not allow compromises and allows you to enjoy the freshness of the best raw materials all year round.

We have been producing oil for over 30 years


Via SPS Maria La Nova, 12, 66022 Fossacesia CH

Ursini is located on the enchanting Costa dei Trabocchi in Fossacesia, in the heart of Abruzzo, a green region that hosts three national parks. A wonderful land that has always been dedicated to the cultivation of the olive tree, where the quality of life and the ancient values do not allow compromises, just like the Ursini production. Authentic excellence for us only comes from a direct and personal commitment, not delegated to third parties. Controlled olive groves, family oil mill, internal kitchen-laboratory and directly controlled distribution are the steps of the supply chain. Offering the best product is a commitment that we undertake in respect of our roots and of the great patriarch, that centuries-old olive tree of the '700 that proudly observes us from the garden of the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere.


Ursini distinguishes itself from other companies starting from its home: no old-fashioned factory and no industrial area, but a single ancient site dedicated to the activity of the family oil mill. A new and welcoming brick structure of over 1,400 square meters surrounded by olive groves; here are the warehouses, offices and above all the kitchen where our best specialties are prepared. Placed at the center of the surface, it allows visiting customers to observe the meticulous and unprecedented work of our operators, evaluating with their own eyes the working method, the cleanliness and above all the quality level of the raw materials used. The machinery is also special, tailored to our unique culinary techniques.


of our great oil

There are few but decisive factors that make the extra virgin olive oil produced by Ursini so extraordinary: the raw material of the oil obtained only from healthy olives that are harvested at the ideal moment of ripeness, to be ground immediately afterwards. The transformation is characterized by a lower acidity and greater stability for harmonious and balanced oils, with an intense aroma and a bright green color. The method of processing the olives is individual, they are cared for and divided by single variety already in the fields, in order to preserve the gustatory heritage that is missing in the processes that mix the various types. The double decantation of the oil that is filtered is to be carried out every two months and is followed by a personalized destiny chosen by the oil master.


of great specialties

As for the oil, also for the specialties in oil Ursini keeps the secrets of excellence: the raw materials that are carefully selected and processed within the day. The utmost respect for the seasonality of the products allows to enhance their fragrances and flavor, to enjoy them all year round thanks to the art of ideal conservation. The sincere and safe transformation, based on cutting-edge technologies and unique processing techniques borrowed from the great Italian cuisine, all without preservatives and, in the case of the crushed ones, without the application of vinegars. The originality of the delicious recipes gives life to specialties with an innovative gastronomic language. Thus our products turn out to be much more than just in oil.


only in our oil mill

A key concept in Ursini production states that authentic quality can only be achieved directly. A principle that guided us in the choice to use only the family oil mill. This allows to optimize the processing of the olives, intervening, batch by batch, on the factors that determine the quality of the oil: timely processing from the harvest, type of pressing, times and temperature of malaxing, processing of single varieties, choice of centrifugation and separation soft. Operations that Ursini organizes autonomously, without being conditioned by subcontractors who could reduce quality by imposing obsolete techniques. The family oil mill is therefore a combination of artisan vocation and far-sighted openness to the most advanced technologies, a jewel that always arouses the interest of customers and professionals in the sector.

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