The 4 secrets of specialities

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As for oil, Ursini is the custodian of secrets of excellence for specialities in oil.

  • Raw materials which are only the freshest are carefully selected and worked on the day, excluding the use of semi‐finished goods or frozen or pickled products.
  • The greatest respect for the seasonality of the products, which allows their fragrance and taste to be
    enhanced so that they can be enjoyed all year ground thanks to the art of ideal preservation.
  • Sincere and safe transformation, based on avant‐garde technologies and unique working techniques adopted by great Italian cuisine, all without preservatives and in the case of mashed goods, without applying vinegars or citric acids.
  • The originality of the recipes, very tasty bases which give life to specialities of an innovative gastronomic tongue and prove to be much more than simple foods in oil.

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