The perfect match that will meet any sophisticated taste 

Continuously a surprising combination

Since always, gastronomy and wine are the two of the most appreciate made in Italy forms. That is the reason why Ursini has created the “Pestati di Bacco”, the perfect matching with wine between meals. This exclusive line is characterized by the use of ingredients and special recipes giving as result the perfect combination for different types of wine. A mariage really unmissable for all the sophisticated taste, able to enhance the best of both the two italian excellence.

Chef e Sommelier unite by tastefulness

The “Pestati di Bacco” are the result of a carefully workgourp between our Chefs and well-known Sommelier, where experience, proficiency and focused intent have been the bases for the creation of inviting and tasting matching. Prestigious wines and gastronomic delights enhance themselves, giving as result a sensorial experience that bewitchs immediately.

Five Pestati with dual souls

The Ursini “Pestati di Bacco” are five unique specialties, artisanal products with a perfect balance between wine elegance and high quality raw materials. Each Pestato has 30-month shelflife from the production, according to the ingredients and method of preservation. Once opened it, if there anything left, we recommend to cover it with a good quality extra virgin olive oil and to refrigerate it.

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