For more than 10 years, we enrich pasta and bruschettas with our Pestati ®


The idyll of fragrance and taste

The best ingredients of the traditional Mediterranean gastronomy, interpreted in the best way thanks to recipes able to enhance their quality: this is what makes the Ursini Pestati a concentrate of  fragrance, which reveals the freshness and genuineness of vegetables enriched by an excellent extra virgin olive oil. Each jar is a perfect combination of flavours, which seduces you at the first tasting. To discover how much our Pestati are unique, just compare them with similar products. We are sure you will not be able to help yourself fromeating them.

Absolutely artisanal inviting products

The Ursini “Pestati” are artisanal products which are totally natural. A high quality line, offered in 145 grams glass jar, perfect for any need consumer and to be enjoyed until the end. Even though pasteurised by bain‐marie, each Pestato has 30-month shelflife from the production, according to the ingredients and method of preservation. Once opened it, if there anything left, we recommend to cover it with a good quality extra virgin olive oil and to refrigerate it.

The art of enriching pasta and bruschettas

The Ursini “Pestati” are without doubt the product line most inspiring of our gastronomy, a brilliant intuition which pays tribute to two protagonists of the Italian cuisine: the pasta, more delicious and tastier, absolutely irresistible bruschettas and canapés. What makes the Ursini “Pestati” inimitable delightes is the ability to preserve authentic flavours of fresh ingredients, thanks to the special separate cooking of each ingredient that characterize the recipes. An inalienable extra for any real foodie!

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