Only authentic sauces can prove our culinary traditions

The importance of raw materials

Ursini Pasta sauces are divided in four different families: Red simple sauces, Red special sauces, Sauces without tomato and Sauces and Tomatoes in which is include the unique “Spaccatella”. All these specialties are cooked in our kitchen and are made only with high quality raw materials which come from specialized farmers, some of them in exclusive for us. For Ursini the quality is based on the raw materials, secret of the goodness of each product which has to be enhanced during the production process with knowledge and attention.

Ready sauces that will surprise you

Ready tasting pasta sauces which come from exclusive recipes, different from the conventional ones on the market. These pasta sauces have been created by the ursini chefs with an ideal: mantaining the goodness and the new needs of the pasta lovers and, at the same time,  supporting the tiny local farmers that work hard to keep and to enhance traditional products.

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