The quality revolution

The Ursini Spiced Oils represent an authentic revolution in the flavoured oils world, a market full of products labelled as spiced oils but made by chemical flavours and expired olive oils. That causes problems for both consumers who love the genuinity and manufacturers who work hard to create these excellence specialties.

All the flavours of goodness

The Ursini spiced oils taste is extravagant and surprising, perfect for those who love authentic flavours and aromas: the basil freshness, the vivavicity of the hot pepper, the decisive character of red garlic and the irresistible Mediterranean scents from the union of rosemary, sage and parsley. All the flavours and fragrances find the right balance of taste, which results perfect for each type of cuisine, from sauces to bruschettas, from meat to cheese, from soups to focaccia.

Specialities which always keep their promises

Ursini has always loved challenges. This line of specialities is completely different from the usual products already on this market: the specific technique of production, unique in this sector, based on the successfully one used for the Citrus oill, using only fresh selected spices.

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