A triumph of deliciousness

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un trionfo di bontà

The quality of Ursini products is homemade. In fact, Delicacies by Ursini have their own pure and simple character, because they were also created to be enjoyable just in the way they are, as complete meal. Delicacies by Ursini are born after an accurate procedure: stored in a jar, with specially designed production techniques, so as not to impoverish the freshness of vegetables and vegetable crops as happens in conventional conversion processes used today. Specialties of the highest quality products are exclusively made with fresh products, only in harmoniously tasting extra virgin olive oil. These are authentic recipes guaranteed by our delicious and meticulous cooks. You’ll taste an uncompareable gourmet dish. Our products in olive oil do not contain any additives, they are absolutely natural and traditional, containing no chemical adjustments at all. Ours are high quality products and as such should be treated. Despite being pasteurized in a bain-marie they have a growing life cycle, which matures and declines in 18-22 months depending on the ingredients and method of preservation of the jar. After the opening we recommend to cover the product with quality extra virgin olive oil or refrigerate.

Taste, as a beginning

Love for the Earth simple gifts and the art of knowing how to conserve them, preserving their natural flavour, to be enjoyed even out of season. These are Ursini Delicacies: not mere food in oil (sott’oli), but masterpieces of fantasy, gastronomic research and tradition. The Delicacies are realized only with the fresh vegetables in season, because, according to Ursini, preserving means providing the palate with the gift of the quality of the food, without compromising the natural flavour. That’s why for each product, a dedicated professional staff oversees the boiling of vegetables in a totally balanced mix of water, vinegar and white wine; in this way, any bitter taste, though necessary, is kept to a minimum. Once dried, the same vegetables are dipped in high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Oil we use
The art of preserving food, since the most ancient and remote times, cannot be separated from the usage of pure extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil we use is our “Terre dell’Abbazia”, an excellent extra virgin olive oil tasting round, smooth and flawless, perfect for keeping all types of food under glass. We firmly reject to use any olive oil or seed oil: they are inappropriate because they have been manipulated in olive oil refineries. And do not believe in people trying to get across the concept of olive oil and seeds as most suitable because of their being tasteless. Not at all! They try to justify their use of cheap products, regardless of the consequences on the final product.

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