Ursini Art

Ursini art is a virtual place, a creative space, an inspirational dimension to discover what is the beating heart of our company: handmade production.

it's time to create


Ursini Drawing: Ursini products are not simple jars of food delicacies but real art creations. If we imagine the production process of all specialties we must keep in mind 3 parts:

  • mind of those who think and imagine how the future might be;
  • heart of those who, combining present and future, tradition and innovation, create a present dimension in continuous evolution;
  • hands of those who shape what we are, what represents us and what we love.

Let creativity, imagination and fantasy free to express themselves is the basis of this project: you can find the Ursini products anywhere, on a deserted beach or in the sky, from inside flowers, hearts and stars can blossom or they can have a soul and even to fall in love, why not?

You are the one who decide! Choose a Ursini jar and realize your creation. Your drawing will be shared in this wonderful colored creative space!


Ursini Recycling: over twenty years of experience we have changed bottles of oil transforming shapes and colors.
In continuous transformation because we never give up: we have struggled against crisis time, we have observed our competitors and listen to our customers because our company is not just a set of equipments or a group of workers, but it is a huge beating heart, a heart made of many other hearts.

Our way of thinking and living the world has this objective: to see beauty in things and people and we also succeed to do it with the environment around us.

We do not live on this earth to take possession of it, but to live in harmony with it: we always defend natural cycles because they are the true core business of our company.

For this reason we realize the project Ursini Recycling: the creative recycling is one of the countless ways we have to do something in our life. We do not use anymore bottles? Do we have jars that we don’t know how utilize? Or faulty caps? What can we do? Do we decide to throw them away? No way! We recycle them: a Ursini jar can become a vase for flowers or a candle or a container for pralines, a bottle can become a lamp.

There are no limits because with a little imagination everything can happen, just close your eyes and let go.

Choose an Ursini product and after eating it, realize your creation. Your work of art will be shared in this virtual “green” space!

Ready to show us what you can do?! Send us your creations to marketing@ursini.com 🤜🤛

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